How To Use

Start by setting up a ClientConfig instance with your credentials:

use SSOfy\APIConfig;
$config = new APIConfig([
    'domain'      => '', // api domain of your application
    'key'         => 'YOUR API KEY',
    'secret'      => 'YOUR APPLICATION SECRET',
    'cache_store' => null, // cache driver to use. default: null
    'cache_ttl'   => 10800, // time-to-live in seconds. default: 60 * 60 * 3
    'secure'      => true, // use https connection. default: true

It is highly recommended to specify a cache driver to enable the SDK to memorize verification results for a length of time in order to reduce response times.

You can kickstart with the built-in file-based cache driver. You might need to develop a custom implementation of the cache driver based on what works best for your application by implementing the SSOfy\Storage\CacheInterface.

use SSOfy\Storage\FileStorage;
$cache = new FileStorage('/tmp/ssofy-cache');

// and refine your config settings to use the cache driver
//  or use cache() chained method.
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