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Set up the API access credentials. (Required for API communication. e.g., Token Verification, User Inquiries, etc.). You can obtain the required credentials from the panel's Application Profile page.

The performance of the hybrid token verification strategy can be improved by configuring a cache driver to avoid unnecessary api calls for token verifications.

Set it to one of the cache drivers in the config/cache.php file.


The underlying SSOfy PHP SDK used in this package includes a limited OAuth2 client service optimized for SSOfy. This package includes a middleware, providing a wrapper around this service to manage the redirection and authorization through SSOfy.

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Learn about the general Client Parameters configuration.

Note that the built-in client requires a cache driver to be configured in order to store and keep track of the states.


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Only the url without any suffixes must be provided in the SSOFY_URL variable. The SDK takes care of the paths internally.

The url can be obtained from the SSOfy Dashboard -> Applications -> Application Profile page.

You may choose the URL based on whether you are developing on a live server or a sandbox server.

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