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You acknowledged that SSOfy relies on Resource Server to access/read the required data and authenticate users due to its no-store architecture. This Laravel package provides all Resource Server APIs required for SSOfy to securely connect to your server if you use it in Resource Server code.

The following addresses are prototyped for serving endpoints, but you still can change them in the routes/ssofy-server.php file.

  • Client https://DOMAIN/external/ssofy/client
  • Scopes https://DOMAIN/external/ssofy/scopes
  • User https://DOMAIN/external/ssofy/user
  • OTP Options https://DOMAIN/external/ssofy/otp-options
  • Authenticate by Password https://DOMAIN/external/ssofy/auth/password
  • Authenticate by Token https://DOMAIN/external/ssofy/auth/token
  • Authenticate by Social https://DOMAIN/external/ssofy/auth/social
  • Webhook https://DOMAIN/external/ssofy/event

Make sure the endpoints are publicly accessible and configured in your SSOfy Panel's Application Profile.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=ssofy:route
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