Resource Server

SDK provides modules and typescript interfaces for building your own Resource Server.

Since SSOfy is a no-store service (that is, it does not internally store or cache any data received from a resource server or client), you must provide endpoints by building a resource server so that SSOfy can access the relevant resources as needed.

To help you with your own resource server development in Node.js applications, the following modules are provided by the SDK:

  • Entity Models Typescript interfaces created based on SSOfy' provided schemas.
  • Repositories Default and Mock repositories for serving data to SSOfy.
  • Filters Filtering modules for entity models (especially the UserEntity) to limit data based on user' selected scopes.
  • Datasource Wrappers around different node modules for accessing data in different data stores (MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, etc.).
  • Transformers Transforming modules for converting between datasource and entity models.
  • Notifiers Wrappers around different node modules for sending emails and sms through various service providers (Twilio, Mailgun, etc.).
  • Events Modules for sending events via different channels (Node EventHandler, Redis Pub/Sub, etc.).
  • Helpers Useful helpers for operations like masking email and phone numbers, etc.
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