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php artisan vendor:publish --tag=ssofy:config

The secret is required for verifying the signature of incoming requests as well as generating signed responses.

Obtain the secret from the panel's Application Profile page.

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Learn more about the SSOfy's Sign and Verify process.


Specify which queue the SDK should use to send the events.


Set the cache driver for OTP Code storage. As well as branding settings and channels for sending OTP codes by Email and SMS.


Specify the authentication methods you want to make available from your server.

If your login page doesn't allow password entry and relies solely on OTP verification, you must enable the passwordless authentication option. Without a password, the authentication endpoint then responds with user information.

Point to any custom repository implementations here.

Learn how to create your own Repositories.

SDK will default to Laravel's standard User model and column names in the users table.

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All data queries are carried out within the Repositories.

If your model or column names differ, you can configure them here to map to your customized column names.

The filter configuration is another important setting in this section. Read the UserFilter page for details.

The default Repository implementation reads the scopes and clients configuration from this section of the configuration file. However, for more complicated scenarios, such as reading from a database, you may consider overriding the ClientRepository and ScopeRepository with your own custom repository implementations.

Configure an array of scopes in the scopes property, where the array key represents the id of scope.

Configure an array of clients in the clients property, where the array key represents the id of client.

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