SDK provides several storages implementation in a single interface that can be used to store temporary token and states.

The following storages are currently available in the SDK by default.

  • NullStorage
  • MemoryStorage
  • LocalStorage
  • FileStorage
  • CookieStorage
const storage = new SSOfy.LocalStorage();
import { Storage, FileStorage } from "@ssofy/javascript-sdk";
import fs from "fs";

const storagePath = fs.mkdtempSync('/tmp/');
const storage = new FileStorage(storagePath);
// write data
await storage.put(
    'some value',
    60 // ttl in seconds

// read data
const value = await storage.get('my-key');

// delete data
await storage.delete('my-key');

// delete all data
await storage.flushAll();

// cleanup
await storage.cleanup();

Unlike flushAll(), the cleanup() function call does not completely remove all data. Instead, it deletes old and expired data from storages that don't have built-in functionality for addressing key expiry cycles (i.e. FileStorage).

You may also build your own custom storage by implementing the Storage Interface.

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