Entity Models

SDK includes entity models to make it simple to generate responses for such endpoints.

import { Models } from "@ssofy/node-sdk";
const client = <Models.ClientEntity>{
    id             : 'my-web-app', // required
    name           : 'My App Name', // required
    secret         : 'CLIENT SECRET KEY',
    redirect_uris  : ['*'], // wildcard is supported but not recommended.
    icon           : 'https://example.com/icon.png',
    theme          : 'default',
    tos            : 'https://example.com/tos',
    privacy_policy : 'https://example.com/privacy-policy',
    confidential   : true,

return client;
import { Models } from "@ssofy/node-sdk";
const scopes = [
        id: '*', // required
        title: 'Read and Write all data.', // required
        description: null,
        icon: 'fa-id-card',
        url: null,
        id: 'profile', // required
        title: 'Your profile information including name, birthday.', // required
        description: 'Click <a href="https://example.com/profile-privacy">here</a> to read more about the data privacy.',
        icon: 'fa-id-card',
        url: null,

return scopes;
import { Models } from "@ssofy/node-sdk";
const user = <Models.UserEntity>{
    id: '1', //required
    hash: '1', //required
    display_name: 'j.walsh@example.com', 
    name: 'Jessica Walsh',
    picture: 'https://i.pravatar.cc/48',
    profile: 'https://example.com/profile?id=1',
    username: 'j.walsh',
    email: 'j.walsh@example.com',
    email_verified: true,
    phone: '+441234567890',
    phone_verified: true,
    given_name: null,
    middle_name: null,
    family_name: null,
    nickname: null,
    website: null,
    gender: 'female',
    birthdate: null,
    address: null,
    location: null,
    zoneinfo: null,
    locale: null,
    custom_1: null,
    custom_2: null,
    custom_3: null,
    custom_4: null,
    custom_5: null,
    custom_6: null,
    custom_7: null,
    custom_8: null,
    custom_9: null,
    additional: {
        country: 'UK',

return user;
import { Models } from "@ssofy/node-sdk";
const otpOptions = [
        id     : 'user1-authorization-email-j.walsh@example.com', //required
        type   : 'email', //required
        to     : 'j.walsh@example.com', //required
        hint   : 'j*****h@*****le.com', //required
        user_id: 'user1', //required
        action : 'authorization', //required

return otpOptions;
import { Models } from "@ssofy/node-sdk";
const token = <Models.TokenEntity>{
    token: 'sKmR4BOoaS7bKkKD16uzX71syKLESft4', //required
    ttl:   60 * 60, //required

return token;
import { Models } from "@ssofy/node-sdk";
const authResponse = <Models.AuthResponseEntity>{
    user:  authenticatedUser, //required
    token: generatedPasswordlessToken, //required

return authResponse;
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